Saturday, September 19, 2009

A century's update

As can be seen on the title...i have a century didnt update my blog

Hmm there is nothing special happen so i have nothing to write in the blog also

Feel boring now so i write something boring post now

Now is 20th of September and 4 more day i have my 2nd paper to go thorough..after that i need to wait 3 day again to finish up my last paper which is on 28th...gosh still got a week for me to suffer!!
1 week seem like very short in normally but now it seem like a decade to go...T_T..mentally suffering!!

However after finish exam, i might be go to singapore with my friend...Yeah!!
Hope the this trip can successfully been make!!
I never travel out of M'sia so far and this is gonna be my first time...hehe
I know you all will say singapore so near also never go before? Actually it is really near but i never went before..(so what??)

Really looking forward i can tell my friend i had went singapore after my sem break!!haha

Hmm seem like there is nothing for me to write already...told you guys my life is boring and one month one post is more than enough lo...LOL..bye


Anonymous said...


ne ne ne bu bu,


sockyee said...

after go singapore rmb buy souvenir for me ah...haha...coz i oso nv go to singapore b4..haha..

tzekit said...

haha..jing yi hope after this sem break i no need laugh by u cz i already step my leg into singapore hahaha..

sock nothing special in there la..

Chris Koo said...



jo@n 佐安 said...

ganbateh for ur second paper ...
wish ur singapore trip caming soon ....

Diana said...

haha.. i also go until dun go ler..

but i am diff case la.. u know wat i mean.. n really there is really nth much..

so actually didnt go before also nth de.. there got a lot of shopping malls lo, more trendy n up to date..

but kit.. the thing is, if u wan to buy branded stuff, there is definitely cheaper thn M'sia..

n n... compare the food there n here.. i can guarantee tht m'sia is still the best.. the food there ermm .. sweet sweet de.. haha.. u go experience urself la..

there is practically very small.. so u will be able to to places in like 2 to 3 days...

口以 said...

i also never go 2 singapore leh.. haiz.. i wan souvenier o.. thnx.. hehe.. gd luck in ur exam.. 5/10 is my convo.. hehe..