Saturday, September 19, 2009

A century's update

As can be seen on the title...i have a century didnt update my blog

Hmm there is nothing special happen so i have nothing to write in the blog also

Feel boring now so i write something boring post now

Now is 20th of September and 4 more day i have my 2nd paper to go thorough..after that i need to wait 3 day again to finish up my last paper which is on 28th...gosh still got a week for me to suffer!!
1 week seem like very short in normally but now it seem like a decade to go...T_T..mentally suffering!!

However after finish exam, i might be go to singapore with my friend...Yeah!!
Hope the this trip can successfully been make!!
I never travel out of M'sia so far and this is gonna be my first time...hehe
I know you all will say singapore so near also never go before? Actually it is really near but i never went before..(so what??)

Really looking forward i can tell my friend i had went singapore after my sem break!!haha

Hmm seem like there is nothing for me to write already...told you guys my life is boring and one month one post is more than enough lo...LOL..bye

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear My Old Friend

When I'm alone
Always will think back my past and what i had gone through
From primary , secondary, then work at genting, after that went for NS , then start my Uni life at PJ till now at sg long...

All the way i gone through i had met a lot of friend and each stage of the life the friend are changing and i also have know many new friends

However, i missed my old friend lots especially those who work with me and went for NS because at there we share our happiness and sadness together.

When there was any problem, you all help me to settle it and i appreciate very much.

Times fly and each of us have to move forward so we no longer can stay together and have fun like last time.

Some of them even had lost or less contact and this is kinda sad especialy thinking back what we had gone through..

During NS time, i had a buddy and he is my best friend in the camp.
We stick to each other no matter where we go and take care each other because he is same dome with me and yet the chinese is so less.
After that we even study at Utar together at PJ but we taking different course.
Eventually he left utar and go other place to study.
Munji my buddy i had long time didnt meet you.
Although sometime we got chat in msn but the conversation is so bored and less.
I really miss those day we pass in the camp.
Anywhere hope to see you soon since last few years i think...

ANd to my friend XIao Tong
If you are reading my blog leave me a message
Hope you are fine now and walk away from sadness already...^^

Still remember the time we spent at the Erican camp
Although it was few years ago but i still remember it well
Long time never see you already...miss you la
Again next time when go back please don't put me aeroplane la...X_X

Hmm there are lots of friend in my mind and I missed them badly.
Hope we can still keep in contact and can meet you guys one day..


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Now only i realise no car is so sad
Cant go anywhere you like

Especially for a guy
No car = no competitive advantage
People will go out with the person who got car rather than take bus with you

Bus , Ktm , Rapid KL is so familiar yet close to me but i hate them
WHy? Because
Need to squeeze with people
Need to take good care of self-belongings
Need to worry about the weather
Time consume of waiting the transport

Yeah no car you can sit friend's car
But sometimes it will bother people
You need them to fetch you
When rain need them to drive inside the condo
When go back purposely need them turn into my place to drop me
Even my friend don't care but i also feel not good
However i don't have any choices

Even i have a car
I only have Toyota Avanza which belong to my mother
which is a noob car...haha
Where can fight with people who drive Honda City, Vios and other luxury car?

Even i have car
The road of KL they know me but i don't know them
DOnt talk about KL
At Ipoh i also know certain place only
farer place i also don't know how to go

In conclusion
I am such a failure person...>.<

Monday, June 1, 2009

Year 3 Sem 1 1st day

Well, today had start my 1st day tutorial at 8am~~

but end up we all standing in the room without chair & table and aircond...

so weird we all standing and listening to the tutor...

Luckily the tutor just brief us about 10 min then let us go already...haha

Inside the room..

there are only some faces and most of them don't know at where...

"Halo start school already lo mana lu orang??"LOL

After that go to the lecture at 2pm...
Suprisingly saw the Ms. Mandy lecturing there...
In the heart there already said:"Oh shit!Why are she here?"I don't want set up by her ONCE again in the final!!!
Again luckily she just come in and talk some nonsense thing...
Mr.Alexander only is our lecturer...
wow feel relieve after hearing what she said...
Please la you are just replacing then stop mumbling again with your "well","quote and unquote" those BOMBASTIC word...

Again the lecture end at around 2.20 pm...need to replace for it again...@.@

what a boring day man!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Miss....

I miss last time i work in genting after SPM...
It was a so nice memory...
Learn new new people...see lot's of thing that never see before..
Really happy to know my friend in there...happy working with them...
After work hang out together and have lot's of fun...
Cold weather nice environment...
Working shift is a brand new experience...7a.m-3p.m / 3p.m-11p.m / 8p.m-4a.m / 11p.m-7a.m
Easy job yet quite high salary...^^
However, after quit this job me and my friend are getting less contact..really miss them a lot...
Some even had lost contact with them...T_T
Haiz good thing never last~~what left is only some memorable memory

I miss the time when i study in PJ Utar..
First time come to a new environment and have to stay here for 1 year...
It's so exciting because i knew that it will be fun since KL is an entertainment city especially at PJ..
Although the place I stay which is Millinieum Court is suck..but don't know why know started to miss the place...
Although the PJ campus Utar was suck also as it look like a factory...but I also start missed that stupid place also..
Maybe there is lots of memory there..most of it was sweet and happy i think...
TA 15 the class that i was in...let me remind lots of thing...
Midvalley, One U, SS2, and lots of place i had been gone through...
Miss a lot of my pass!!

People are like that..what they have and own now they won't appreciate...
When it has gone or lost they only will regret or start to miss it..
I think after i graduate i will miss my life in SG.LONG but not now...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Break 1000 view!!

Finally my blog break 1000 view...haha

thx for so many people viewing my blog but i view myself the most..paiseh

I will write more post if i am free...hehe

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Nite!!

Just came back from Steven Corner at Pandan Indah there...
have a grea time with my friends since every Saturday..haha
every Saturday nite is for time i totally have fun and enjoyment..^^

From 7 pm me and my friend will start gather and have a wonderful dinner..
There are some friends come from Kepong, Cheras , Setapak and also PJ.
Among them all are my secondary schoolmate and now studying at different place..
Glad to hang out with them every Saturday night and have great time..haha

After dinner, we always go to Pavilion and have a movie
but the ticket is expensive
Cost us rm12 each ticket..
However, it deserve due to the environment and service
Sometimes, when there are no movie to watch then we will go to Setapak Tbun and play game..
Sometimes if the movie end earlier then we will go yum cha like today..go Steven Corner at Pandan Indah...

What i waiting for is just the coming of Saturday each week...Hurray!!